Purse Valley Review

Hey Girls!

It’s Jane here and today I’m going to be reviewing a website I found called Purse Valley!

I know all you girls love replica handbags as much as I do, and trying to find a good Louis Vuitton replica is getting harder and harder thesedays, so carry on reading to see if Pursevalley is the key to finding a great replica handbag!

Who Are Purse Valley?

Pursevalley are a website that sell replica handbags, they’ve been around since 2012, so they’re a very reputable seller. Among all the replica sellers I’ve seen, they have the most choice, so consider it like the walmart(although WITH quality) of replica handbags.

Their handbags range from $150-300, but in my opinion this is worth the price. You can buy a replica off aliexpress for $20, but I guarantee you it will fall apart within 2 weeks. Pursevalley’s replicas are extremely high quality, and sometime even 1:1 quality. Check out my video review of the Louis Vuitton Pochette replica I got from Pursevalley below(I bet you wouldn’t even think it was a replica if you saw it in person!)


Okay, I’ve Decided Which Handbag I want, How Do I Pay?

Unfortunately, companies like PayPal etc don’t let replica sellers use their payment methods, so they have to use other services. Fortunately for us though, Purse Valley offers discounts for using certain methods, you can get up to 15% off if you pay by E-check, or 10% if you pay by Western Union or Moneygram.

It may seem risky to pay by these services, but believe me when I say it isn’t. Pursevalley has been around for years now, if they had a bad reputation, they wouldn’t still exist. I’ve sent money by Western Union several times and I have had no problems yet.

I did have one small problem, which I contacted them about. Their customer service representatives got back me within the hour, and quickly solved my problem and even gave me some store credit. How’s that for customer service? They also offer a 100% refund guarantee, so if you don’t like your replica or something breaks, you can simply return it and get your money back.

How Long Does The Shipping Take?

The replicas are shipped from their warehouse in Hong Kong, so they take around 2-3 weeks to reach me in the USA. I imagine it takes less for europe/asia.

Shipping is not only fast considering it’s coming from the other side of the world, but cheap too. I’ve also never had to pay any import fees or had any problems with bags being stopped by customs.


So should you buy a replica handbag from Purse Valley? If you’re looking for the best replica at a good price point, then you’ve got no other choice in my opinion. Pursevalley offers it all, price, quality, speed, customer service, refund guarantee etc at an unbeatable standard, especially in the replica goods industry. I wouldn’t buy from any other dealer, check them out today!

Thanks for reading girls, and as always, stay fabulous!